Thursday, 11 October 2018

What's been happening in 2018.

Firstly an apology. Due to other commitments, maintenance and updates have been slow across the board and with recent increases in demand the service has struggled without ongoing maintenance.

We are now making the first of a number of incremental updates to move our service to an improved and more scalable (and hopefully lower cost) approach using serverless computer.

We've also updated the website terms and privacy statement to better align with new EU data protection requirements although in general we do not process personal data other than your email address for the purposes of operating the service and with your express permission.

Online Sitemap Generator Update

  • New : Serverless computing code and infrastrcuture update (see below).
  • New : Updated processing rules and limits to reduce wasted resource (see below).
  • New : Updated EULA and privacy statement.
  • New : Updated captcha / human detection.
  • Fix : Tweaked error logging to remove redundant content.
  • Fix : Error and log links on sitemap download page.
  • Fix: Image parsing unprotected "critical section" error.

Serverless computing

Instead of having fixed virtual servers, serverless computing allows specific functions to be executed in the cloud as part of a pooled resource meaning they are only executing when required. this means we can reduce the number of virtual servers to those running the core servers and the spidering functions operate in the serverless space.

This should improve performance and in theory reduce costs as the compute is only being used and paid for when it is actually needed second by second.

New serverless spider architecture

Update processing rules

  • Maximum pages 2000 (Includes pages which errored)
  • Spider will run for maximum of 60 minutes.
  • Individual page timeout 20 seconds
  • Download limit of  60K (for larger files the first 60K is downloaded).
  • Maximum of 20% urls hitting 20s second timeout.
  • Average request time  across all urls must be 75% of timeout (which is 15 seconds) sampled every 25 urls.

What's to come?

Some of the updates to the spider will propagate to the next release of G-Mapper will increase the performance and stability of the software.

We also have a new update to the Wordpress plugin in the pipe which will likely be released towards the end of 2018 / early 2019.

Stay in touch and keep us updated with any issues.

Thursday, 17 August 2017

Latest updates

Online Sitemap Generator

New : verbose logging output.
New : Increased the page size we will parse.
Fix : Last modified date not captured from server.
Fix: Page excluded when child page errors..


Includes the online sitemap generator fixes as well as:
Fix : crashing on load when version check cannot reach internet

Known issues : Random crashes.
May sometimes be caused by "Faulting module name: clr.dll" error in Microsoft .NET Framework 4-based applications. A solution may be to update your version of .Net 4.
Download latest .Net 4.x

Monday, 20 February 2017

Latest G-Mapper bug fixes

We've recently been getting a lot more really useful feedback about bugs and issues relating to G-Mapper v3.x. With your continued testing and support we hope that soon we will be able to declare version 3 a stable release.

In the latest update we have resolved a number of issues :

Fix : Items marked as excluded not being excluded.
Fix : Scroll bars not showing when map opened.
Fix: Batch edit error when selecting tabs.
Fix: Ping throws error when items not selected.
Fix: Export error if no folder selected.
Fix: HTTP 206 response reports as error.

Your help and support is much appreciated and helps improve our services.

Thursday, 2 February 2017

Wanted - tallented bloggers and copywriters

We're currently using Fiver to recruit talented bloggers and copywriters to help spread the word about XML sitemaps and promote our service, but this isn't cost effective longer term with our very limited funds, so we're looking to our great user community to help out.

We're primarily interested in English bloggers, but if you are able to take our English content and produce high quality copy in Mandarin, Spanish, Hindi, Arabic or Portuguese we'd also be interested to hear from you and put you on our contact list.

We'd also like to hear from people who have made or are interested in making help and support videos and blog posts as well as testimonials.

Of course even if you can't help out by writing copy we'd love your support whether it's a tweet or a share or a donation.

So don't delay if you're a blogger and can write high quality guest posts or you can write high quality copy that we can use then  please get in touch and let us know how you can help.

Monday, 30 January 2017

Latest bug fixes

We've recently made a number of smaller changes to address bugs and issues in G-Mapper and Wordpress.


Fix : Cancel button on settings page not working.
Fix : After correcting a setting the validation errors don't clear.
Fix : Editing modified date causes crash
Fix : Editing row makes and item excluded.
Fix : Updating help links.
Fix : Updated to latest spider engine to resolve image sitemap issues.

Note that although we have updated the help links we're still working on updating the actual help files which do not match the current version. We hope to update these over the coming weeks.

Download it here.


We've made a minor fix to resolve an issue following the release of version 1.3.0

Fix : Custom taxonomy (tags/categories) not showing in the sitemap.

Download it here.

Thursday, 5 January 2017

Thank you for 2016

We just wanted to say thank you for all your support during 2016, it was an "interesting" and sometimes challenging year, but we made it through.

The main event of the year was when our then hosting provider 123reg deleted ALL their customer's virtual services and had no backups or recovery mechanisms. This left us and many similar businesses to recover from file backups.
Major hosting outage - 123reg

After we recovered from this we slowly migrated our services to the more reliable and resilient Microsoft Azure hosting. This move did push our costs up, but you're generosity saw us through this rocky patch and we stabilised the service.
Sitemap Infrastructure Upgrade

Then shortly after Brexit Microsoft increased their prices due to the falling £pound. Having recently closed our books for the year, we just about scraped through and covered our costs, but this continues to be a challenge for us.

It wasn't all blood sweat and tears. We really enjoyed working on the latest WordPress sitemap plugin, adding a number of key features our users had been asking for. We were really grateful for all the positive feedback we got from users on this.
Our best Wordpress sitemap plugin yet

We also made a number of improvements to our help and support information including a new diagnostic tool to help people diagnose some common website problems when generating their sitemap.
Sitemaps help and support

And of course we never get tired of seeing your support on social media as well as the rating and reviews you leave for us.
Recent user feedback

So what about 2017?

Well... we're really going to more dependent than ever on your donations to keep the show on the road. If many users donate just a little we'll get through.

With your support we hope to be able to setup servers in multiple locations to further improve performance and start to look at providing content in multiple languages. Of course all of this doesn't come free so it will move at a pace dictated by donations and costs.

We hope you'll continue to feedback on all our solutions and we'll do our best to listen to your feedback and improve our services, adding new features and support information to make them work better for you.

We love to hear your ideas so please keep them coming.

Let's make it a great 2017!

Saturday, 19 November 2016

Recent user feedback

Ever so often we like to share some of our user feedback. Here's a few recent comments :

  • Your service is efficient and easy to access for a general webmaster.
  • Thank you for making it soooo easy for me to generate a Sitemap for my website.  I'm a novice when it comes to website creation.  I'm learning to do it all myself.  Google said that it was a great idea for me to give them a sitemap for my website, but I had no idea how to do that.  You made that simple for me to do and I am so very grateful.  Great job!!

  • Liked the simplicity of use and accuracy.

  • XML sitemap generator was fast and super helpful- exactly what I needed.  I got my new website's site maps emailed to me within 24 hours, which was great, and there's no fee , just donations optional.  I'm very grateful for the help, and that XML doesn't automatically charge a fee (I will be donating- the assortment of sitemaps is worth it!)  Thank you! I'm new to website design and couldnt have built a sitemap myself- I appreciate it!

  • Very accurate and an efficient use of my time with the email notification. A great service.

  • Great service that really makes my life as a web master a whole lot easier. I love the variety in options and the fact that I get an email notification whenever my sitemap is done.

  • Correct and complete sitemap generation. Good job.

  • The generator worked perfect and gave also a usefull site error report 

  • Хороший, быстрый, а главное - бесплатный генератор sitemap. Рекомендую!

  • I have a website with about 200 pages which is constantly being updated with new content.  This sitemap generator was fast and accurate.  Great tool for webmasters!

  • This was a great solution for me, since I just started working on the website and have just started learning how to use xml.  Saved me a lot of time.  Definitely worth using and contributing a donation.

  • In contrast to many other "free" service, this one provides a convenient user interface and doesn't seem to have any limitations regarding the number of scanned pages. That's really great, especially for non-commercial projects, that can't afford to pay such a service immediately. Wish there would be more services made with that spirit out there. I will suggest a small donation for this project, all the best for you guys!

If you find our sitemap generator service useful and want to comment or donate please feel free to do so, it's what keeps the service going.

Thanks for all your support!