Saturday, 10 September 2016

Our best Wordpress sitemap plugin yet

It's been a while since we updated our sitemap generator plugin for wordpress so we were pleased to be able to announce version 1.3.0 being ready for general release earlier this week.

We've always prided ourselves on being the best Wordpress Sitemap plugin when it comes to flexibility including :
  • Supporting HTML, RSS and Google XML Sitemap formats.
  • Setting defaults individually for Pages, Posts, Archives, Authors, Categories and Tags.
  • Being able to configure settings for individual Pages, Posts, Categories and Tags.

Having listened to what our users have been asking for we have now added to important features by popular demand.

Support for custom posts.

We now give you the same great flexibility for all your custom post types. Whether projects, products, property or something else you get the same ability to configure global defaults and then change settings at the individual page/post level.

This gives you comprehensive control of our sitemap and the ability to tweak your sitemap  SEO (Search engine optimisation) strategy right down to the page level across your entire website, highlighting important pages to search engines.

Customise robots file

Whilst there were other plugins that enabled you to edit your robots.txt file they often overwrote entries produced by other plugins. For example we add your sitemap to your robots.txt file and custom robots.txt plugins typically overwrite this.

So now we have added the ability for you to add custom entries to your robots file via our plugin. It honours everything added by our plugin and other plugins and allows you to insert your own entries.

What's next

We hope you find these new features useful.

Please help support us in whatever way you can whether by sharing , donating or just feeding back, it all helps make our Wordpress sitemap plugin the best sitemap plugin for you our users.

We genuinely want to hear from you and become the best Wordpress Sitemap Plugin for all our users, giving them all the features they need to optimise their Wordpress SEO (Search engine optimisation).

Get the plugin or find out which of our sitemap generator is best for you.

Monday, 5 September 2016

Latest online sitmap updates

Over the last month or so we've been making some tweaks and changes to our sitemap generator website.

New : Upgraded website to Zurb Foundation 6
New : Improved website performance
New : Minor cosmetic / content updates to our website
Fix : Sitemap Image url issue.
Fix : Contact us form issue
Fix : Donate form

New : More reliable email notifications

We also made one of the last changes to our infrastructure separating out the email server to use Microsoft Exchange online. This has improved email delivery and reduced the number of emails being flagged as spam which in turn means you get more reliable notifications when your sitemap is ready.

New : Reintroduced captcha

Whilst the captcha can be frustrating to some people, when we removed it our service became stressed by spam bots submitting requests, tying up resources and impacting performance for real users. So whilst not ideal it is a necessary evil to ensure real users get a better service.

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Using ‪sitemaps‬ video intro

Check out this helpful video introduction to using ‪sitemaps‬ to help ‪google‬ find content hosted on your ‪website‬. 

Of course it isn't only google that will benefit. Many search engines use sitemaps to inform their search listings so sitemaps are an important part of your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation Strategy).

What next? 

Monday, 8 August 2016

Wordpress Plugin 1.3.0 Beta

We have made the latest version of our WordPress XML Sitemap Generator plugin available to download in Beta form.

By popular request version 1.3.0 adds two new features:
  • Support for custom post types and taxonomy
  • The ability to add custom entries to your robots.txt file.

You can download the beta directly from the WordPress plugin directly below :

 Please contact us with your feedback, good or bad!

Sunday, 31 July 2016

Ready for WordPress 4.6?

WordPress 4.6 is now at release candidation (RC) and is due for release on Tuesday, 16th August.

We're pleased to say that we have now completed testing our WordPress Sitemap Generator Plugin and all looks to be good. We have now updated our plugin to say that it is compatible with 4.6.

The good news is that you don't have to do anything as there are no updates required, so you can continue to enjoy our sitemap generator plugin hassle free.

If however you do spot a problem please do feel free to get in touch.

Saturday, 30 July 2016

What are people saying?

We love to hear your feedback whether comments, questions or problems, it's what helps us keep moving forward. Here are some of our recent favourites :

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  • Kudos ! Lovely site to generate quick website sitemap.

Thanks for all your contributions, shares, likes, tweets, donations and comments they all help to keep the service up and running.

Try our sitemap generator for yourself.

Please help support us and contribute by sharing or donating.

Monday, 20 June 2016

Troubleshooting your Wordpress sitemap plugin

In this article we'll give you a few tips and tricks to help you with problems that some users face when trying to get up and running with our WordPress Sitemap Generator Plugin.

Please note that changing your WordPress settings can have undesirable consequences and can impact on your SEO or even take your site offline. Ensure you back up regularly and if in doubt ask an expert.

Wordpress / Plugin versions

Make sure you have the latest version of our Wordpress plugin and Wordpress itself is up to date. This will ensure any known issues are addressed and is important to ensure you have the latest and most secure version. We also don't tend to test / support older version of Wordpress.


Our sitemap generator doesn't work when you have permalinks set to "Plain". To check your permalinks select settings from the main menu and then permalinks.

Wordpress Permalink settings

User interface / settings issues

Other plugins can sometimes interfere with our code. This can manifest as user interface and functional problems. We've tried to prevent this but haven't ruled it out 100%.

You can try to debug this by temporally deactivating plugins to determine which is causing the problem. If you don't need the plugin leave it deactivated and get in touch with details so we can try to fix the issue.

Invalid XML format

As with user interface problems invalid XML can be caused by other plugins injecting content in to our sitemap. This can cause problems which may manifest as invalid XML.

Again you can narrow this down  by temporally deactivating plugins to determine which is causing the problem. Please get in touch with details so we can try to fix the issue.

Another problem can be if debugging is enabled and debug information is being written in to your sitemap. Switching off debugging usually resolves this. If the debug information is a result of our plugin please let us know the details so we can investigate.

Custom posts

At present our plugin does not support custom post types or any other customised content. This is something we are looking in to. If the missing page is a custom type it will not show in your sitemap.


Sometimes the problem  can be something simple like your browser cached the sitemap file (/xmlsitemap.xml). You can try forcing a refresh using CTRL+F5 or opening it in a private / incognito browser window.

If you use a caching plugin these too can prevent your sitemap updating immediately. You can test this by temporarily deactivating your caching plugin. In normal circumstances you may need to just wait for your cache to expire or manually reset/flush the cache.

Remember that if you do use caching you'll need to force a refresh after any further changes. 

Global settings

The default global settings should enable you to produce a sitemap with all your content. If you have changed these check you are not excluding any areas of your website that you expect to be included.

Wordpress sitemap global settings

Pages settings

Your pages / posts must be published and publicly available i.e. not a draft and no password protection.

It sounds obvious, but also make sure you are looking for the correct post url.

Check the XML Sitemap panel to ensure that the pages/post is not set to exclude.

WordPress Post settings

Category / tag settings

If that doesn't resolve your issue check what categories / tags  are assigned to your post and make sure that the category / tag settings are not set to exclude.

WordPress Tag sitemap settings

Still got a problem?

If you changed any settings it might be worth trying to force a refresh again using CTRL+F5.

If you still have a problem please get in touch providing as much detail as possible about your setup and steps to replicate the problem and we'll try to help if we can.