Recent user feedback

Saturday 19 November 2016

Ever so often we like to share some of our user feedback. Here's a few recent comments :

  • Your service is efficient and easy to access for a general webmaster.
  • Thank you for making it soooo easy for me to generate a Sitemap for my website.  I'm a novice when it comes to website creation.  I'm learning to do it all myself.  Google said that it was a great idea for me to give them a sitemap for my website, but I had no idea how to do that.  You made that simple for me to do and I am so very grateful.  Great job!!

  • Liked the simplicity of use and accuracy.

  • XML sitemap generator was fast and super helpful- exactly what I needed.  I got my new website's site maps emailed to me within 24 hours, which was great, and there's no fee , just donations optional.  I'm very grateful for the help, and that XML doesn't automatically charge a fee (I will be donating- the assortment of sitemaps is worth it!)  Thank you! I'm new to website design and couldnt have built a sitemap myself- I appreciate it!

  • Very accurate and an efficient use of my time with the email notification. A great service.

  • Great service that really makes my life as a web master a whole lot easier. I love the variety in options and the fact that I get an email notification whenever my sitemap is done.

  • Correct and complete sitemap generation. Good job.

  • The generator worked perfect and gave also a usefull site error report 

  • Хороший, быстрый, а главное - бесплатный генератор sitemap. Рекомендую!

  • I have a website with about 200 pages which is constantly being updated with new content.  This sitemap generator was fast and accurate.  Great tool for webmasters!

  • This was a great solution for me, since I just started working on the website and have just started learning how to use xml.  Saved me a lot of time.  Definitely worth using and contributing a donation.

  • In contrast to many other "free" service, this one provides a convenient user interface and doesn't seem to have any limitations regarding the number of scanned pages. That's really great, especially for non-commercial projects, that can't afford to pay such a service immediately. Wish there would be more services made with that spirit out there. I will suggest a small donation for this project, all the best for you guys!

If you find our sitemap generator service useful and want to comment or donate please feel free to do so, it's what keeps the service going.

Thanks for all your support!