Ways you can help support us

Thursday, 1 July 2021

This project only keeps going with the contributions from our community and we are very greatful for for your support. We now have more ways in which you can help support the project below.

Contribute / donate


Wish list

We have a list of things we need for managing and running the service which you may wish to purchase to help us out.


Affiliate links

When you buy from some companies we can get a small % comission when you use are links. A free and easy way to support us and with some you even get a small incentive / discount.

Join our community

Please get involved with our communitues to get the latest news and updates and interact with other users about our services, SEO and other related matters.

Social media

As well as our community, social media is a great way to stay in touch and you can help us out by following us online and giving is a shout out.


Coming soon ....

We'll  be adding new ways to contribute over the coming months and we have some exicint ideas about crypto currencies too, so stay tuned.

Our Next Gen Free online XML Sitemap Generator with SEO tools

Saturday, 17 April 2021

After a few months away busy working on our systems we're pleased to announce our latest online sitemap generator and SEO tools .

We've spent some time updating our backend systems to improve performance and flexibility and so as part of this release which enables us to start offering more features and services as a result of spidering your website.

The link checker validates that any images and external links are valid and provides a report detailing any issues, while the SEO / HTML audit checks for common problems.

These can be used as part of the usual spidering process or run individually against a single page.

spider sitemap / SEO results

These featues can also be used indivdually to scan an individual page. See our SEO Tools page for more details. For more details on the HTML / SEO audit please see the HTML / SEO Audit Report page.

Other changes

As well as the  above we have also made some updates to our spider engine to align with industry practices. Our spider will no longer act based on the "nofollow" rel attribute for internal pages. If you do not wish for a page to be included you should use a robots meta tag with the noindex property value and ensure that you have set the " Obey robots meta ta" option in your sitemap settings.
External link checking also ignores the nofollow attribute.

We have depricated the options for iframe, framesets, area tags and will now extact all links from a page and process based on the global rules. Please use regular expressions or other avaiable rules to filter your pages.


It's been a while since we released a new version of G-Mapper, but with these online chnages we hope to propogate many of them to the next version of G-Mapper. This will be quite a significant piece of work and will take a number of weeks, so we will release a number of changes and updates over the coming months.


If you have any feedback on the new features or things you would like to see included in the new link checker and SEO audit tools then please get in touch to let us know. we can't promise to respond to all requests however we do log them all and consider them for future features in our product.

The Ultimate WordPress XML Sitemap Plugin

Saturday, 6 February 2021

We've released a number of versions of our  Wordpress Plugin over the years, but recent developments have seen some key architectural changes to simplify development and add some of the frequently requested features, making version v2.0 our ultimate Wordpress XML sitemap plugin.

Key new features in this release include:

  • XML Sitemap Index page
  • Image XML sitemap support
  • News XML Sitemap support
  • Improved performance

NOTE: Some users are reporting issues with the sitemap index file giving a 404 / redirecting to the homepage. If you have this issue please check your settings, deactivate then reactive the plugin.  If you have any further issues please contact support.

XML Sitemap Index page 

We now support the XML Sitemap Index file which simplifies your sitemap, allows for much larger websites and is a more efficient.

We split your sitemap in to a number of key areas including : news, posts, pages, categories, tags. authors and archives. Where there are a large number of entries we may break this down further.

This makes it easier for you to understand your sitemap and a provides a more efficient and convenient way for google and other search engines to consume your sitemap files, and allows us to cater for large websites with many thousands of pages.

News XML Sitemap support

A news sitemap helps keep search engines up to date with frequent new content and provides more information allowing content to be shared and syndicated, including the news title and publication.

The news sitemap is a summary which includes all the news stories from your website in the last 48 hours. This can be taken from all your posts or selected tags and/or categories.

If you enable the sitemap images option, we'll also include images in your news sitemap. To use this feature simply decide which tags / categories you want to include in your news feed and the sitemap will automatically be added to your sitemap index.

Image XML sitemap support

A long requested feature was support for image sitemaps. We've now not only added images, but gone a step further than some other plugins, adding not only the featured image, but also any images we can detect in the body of your post giving you greater coverage of your images.

Simply check the "Enable images in sitemap" option in the settings and we'll include them for any page/post that.

Other key benefits

Unlike the built in Wordpress sitemap functionality and other plugins we provide the ultimate in configurability and detailed control over your sitemap.

  • Various files and formats including XML, RSS and HTML.
  • Set up global defaults across post types.
  • Support for custom post types including those created by other plugins.
  • Set defaults for your taxonomy including categories and tags
  • Edit your sitemap down to individual posts and pages.
  • And more....

Get the plugin

Get the latest and Ultimate Wordpress XML Sitemap Generator Plugin.

We hope you find these updates useful. If you do find our plugin valuable please consider making a small annual contribution towards our costs.